Conference Session Formats

Symposia examine one topic in depth, preferably from different theoretical or methodological perspectives. These sessions are introduced and guided by a chairperson, involve three to four 15-minute presentations, followed by one discussant.

NB. It is not possible to accommodate more than four presentations or more than one discussant in a single symposium. Symposia are organised by a maximum of two organisers; one of them can also act as chairperson, but they cannot act as discussant.

Paper sessions, grouped in thematic workshops by the IAEVG 2021 Programme Committees, contain three to four oral presentations (15 minutes each), followed by a discussion with the audience.

Poster sessions involve about 6 graphic displays of materials, thematically grouped by the IAEVG 2021 Programme Committees. A poster session provides the opportunity of a short oral presentation of each poster (5 minutes each). After the authors’ brief presentations, and a round of individual conversations, an in-depth discussion is guided by a chair, with presenters and the audience.

Proposal Submission – General Regulations and Policies

Please note that the Call for Paper is now officially over.

The conference policy is to cater for quality and variation. Therefore, one person may only present twice but may also appear as a chairperson or discussant in up to two sessions. Thus the maximum per person is four appearances. Participating as a non-presenting author is unlimited. Papers and posters can focus on reporting an empirical study or a theoretical study or a good/interesting practice example. Proposals should be submitted via the special template provided below on this page.

Proposals can only be submitted through the conference website. Please note that all information (including your name) will be published exactly as you submit it. The conference organisers will not edit any information you submit. Only use characters of the English alphabet. Avoid spelling or other mistakes.

You will have to repeat the submission process for every contribution you would like to submit. Use one and the same e-mail address for all subsequent correspondence with the online system of the conference. During the submission process you will need the information noted below. It is very helpful to have all the information in electronic form (e.g., in a .doc file) before starting the submission process.

If a summary or abstract exceeds the required word limits, the proposal submission system will only record information up to the word limit. In such a case, it will not be possible to send the rest of your summary or abstract for review.

In each submission you will need to designate the presenting author(s). Proposals for which the presenting author(s) have not registered by 15th July 2021 will be omitted from the programme.

Individual proposals for Paper or Poster presentations

Please submit the following through the conference website:

  1. An abstract of 100-300 words. Full contact information, including e-mail address and affiliation, for each of the authors involved.
  2. An extended summary of 600-1.000 words, detailing the aims, methodology, findings, and theoretical, educational, or practical significance of the paper you want to present. The abstract should not be included in the extended summary.
  3. We ask you to indicate:
    • the preferred format of your proposal (workshop paper, poster),
    • whether you are willing or not to present in another format than the preferred one,
    • to which conference topic matches your proposal best,
    • three relevant keywords.

Proposals for Symposia

Please submit the following through the conference website:

  1. An abstract of the symposium of 700 words. The abstract should provide information regarding the aims of the symposium and its scientific/practical relevance. Please, state also the title of the symposium, the title of each presentation with the name and affiliation of each author/presenter, the names of (1) the organizer, (2) the chairperson, and (3) one discussant. Full contact information, including email address and affiliation for each of the participants, including the chairperson and discussant should be provided. Please indicate the conference topic to which the symposium proposal fits best.
  2. For each individual presentation (1) a 200 words abstract AND (2) an extended summary of 1,000 words, detailing the aims, methodology/research design, findings, and theoretical, and educational, or practical significance of the presentation.

NB. If a symposium consists of four individual presentations, each symposium participant should prepare (1) a 200 words abstract, and (2) and 1,000 words extended summary.