How to start a career in blockchain

The blockchain-related field that is dynamically growing attracts many enthusiasts who want to join this prominent community. That is understood as blockchain technology is entering more and more industries and businesses. Crowdfunding and charity, online shopping, casinos that are offering opportunities to play Bitcoin slot and table games, Bitcoin investment consultants, and many other activities are tightly bound to blockchain technology.

The initial steps to start a career in blockchain might be reading and learning more about the industry on different web-resources related to Bitcoin. These can be investment portals, business blogs, vlogs, interviews, articles, and other sources. It will be a good basis for students to consider learning cryptography at the college.

Bitcoin games

Today the interest in Bitcoin online casinos is very high. More and more online gambling platforms offer cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods. Bitcoin is perfect for gambling because it is highly safe and secured, allows providing transactions anonymously, and avoids restrictions. Many casinos engage gamblers to play Bitcoin slot offering promotions and special rates. One of the prospective ways to enroll in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field is to start a career in game development as a Bitcoin slots designer or Bitcoin slot machine developer as Bitcoin slots are getting very popular. Here are some initial steps to start from:

  • Start from the basics Bitcoin terminology

Learn everything related to the Bitcoin games industry from the very beginning. Get familiar with the basics of Bitcoin terminology. Explore the main terms such as cold and hot wallet types, altcoins, peer-to-peer technology, and other field related terms.

  • Find a mentor

If you are willing to get deep knowledge in Bitcoin game development you should opt for a mentorship. Whether it is connected to spending but the result could overwhelm you.

  • Join software programming courses

Before starting to create games, it is vital to learn how it works, get familiar with Bitcoin slots configuration and technology. There are a lot of online developing resources that offer various learning programs, for example, at Coursera or LinkedIn.

  • Enter a local developers’ community

Joining the group of other software developing enthusiasts you will get answers to many of your questions and will be surrounded by people with the same interests as yours. The community will help you to learn faster.

Other Bitcoin jobs

Apart from the Bitcoin gaming software development there other prospective jobs to consider:

  • Blockchain developer. This specialist develops smart-contracts in a particular field.
  • crypto investments consultant. Consulting is a high-demand service and it is possible to provide online.
  • Articles, SEO-copywriting. Some experts write articles about Bitcoin for portals and guest posts for blogs.

Wrap Up

There are many various ways to enroll in the cryptocurrency field. You can start by learning the basics by yourself or reach out for help from a mentor or courses. One of the prospective industries is software development that is connected to creating BTC slots online. To start a career as a developer you should initially learn more about the industry to define your next steps.