Prof. Dr. Füsun Akkok

Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Füsun Akkok has more than 30 years of academic and practical experience in education, specifically, guidance and counselling. She has carried teaching and research work in the field of guidance, career guidance, parent counselling and special education, written papers and books and participated in national and international conferences and organized national and international conferences. Prof. Akkök is experienced in developing education programmes and teacher trainings. She has extensive practical and academic experience on counselling programs.

At present, she is an invited expert to the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) and supports the work on widening access and APEL for all age groups. She is an international expert on lifelong guidance issues and works for international organizations as ELGPN and European Training Foundation at local and international projects.

Ph.D. Gideon Arulmani

The Promise Foundation, Bangalore, India

Dr. Aboubakr Abdeen Badawi


Dr. Badawi, an engineer by education with doctoral degree in education, is a UN retiree (Senior Specialist on training, ILO, 1991-2014) who promotes integrating counseling into education and training decisions. He contributed to the European Technical assistance to MEDA region, 2016-2020, on Career Guidance, participating in capacity building, Peers Learning and Review, Study Visits and drafted a number of documents (reports, concept paper and policy proposal). His focus is empowering national capacities towards Life Long Guidance.

Dr. Badawi served on a number of editorial boards for scientific periodicals including the (IVETA) Journal and Egyptian Curriculum Society magazine. He wrote and/or revised translation of a number of reports on CG for the ETF and Qatar Foundation. He designed a UNDP project to establish a CG centre in Syria and contributed to a number of capacity building events for CG professionals.

Dr. Badawi is also contributing to other areas of Education, TVET and Entrepreneurial education.

Prof. Dr. Martin Baethge

SOFI Göttingen, Germany

Dr. Nicole Cujai

Federal Employment Agency, Nuremberg, Germany

Dr. Nicole Cujai has been responsible for vocational guidance, career planning, the corresponding media, and the placement into vocational training in the head office of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) since 2019. Previously, she was head of the BA’s Institute for Training and Qualification and its Leadership Academy where she was responsible for the training of the senior management of the BA, the regional training centers and the development of training programmes. She began her career at the Federal Employment Agency in 2011 as a consultant in the vocational guidance for Students. Before that, she worked in various functions in the university context.

Prof. Jean-Pierre Dauwalder

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Julio Gonzalez

University of Carabobo, Venezuela

Prof. Dr. Julio Gonzalez is one of the most well known professionals in the field of guidance and counseling in Latin America and was the President of the Latin American Network of Counseling Professionals. He is presently Vice President of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (2007-2019). Professor Gonzalez is a leading contributor to scientific journals devoted to the field of Guidance in Latin America and has been dedicated, in recent years, to spread the contributions of the region at international conferences. His papers have been presented in Colombia (2011), India (2010), New Zealand (2009), Finland (2019), Mexico (2018), Argentina (2008), Italy (2017), Denmark (2016) and Portugal (2015).

Prof. Dr. Bryan Hiebert

University of Victoria, Canada

Prof. Bryan Hiebert is a Professor Emeritus of Education, University of Calgary; Adjunct Professor in Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, University of Victoria; Docent of Education (research and training of counselling), University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland; and Vice-President of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance. In 1994, Dr. Hiebert co-chaired the first Canadian National Symposium on Evaluation in Career and Employment Counselling. In 1999, he co-facilitated the first International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy. In 2005, Dr. Hiebert was granted Honorary Life Membership in the Alberta Guidance Council in recognition of his contribution to guidance and counselling. In 2007 he was awarded the Stu Conger Gold Medal and Diamond Pin for Leadership in Career Development. Dr. Hiebert is part of the Canadian Working Group on Evidence-Based Practice in Career Development, a consortium of researchers form 7 Canadian universities and 1 private foundation. He has published more than 150 professional papers and 8 books dealing with career counselling, stress control, and counsellor education.

Dr. Deirdre Hughes

Warwick Institute of Employment Research, United Kingdom

Dr. Deirdre Hughes (PhD, MA, dip. CG) is an Associate Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Research (IER), Warwick University. She is also Immediate Past President of the UK Institute of Career Guidance, Founding Director of the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS), University of Derby (1998-2018) and a University Reader in Guidance Studies. She specialises in quality assurance and measuring the impact of careers work, as well researching issues related to social mobility, use of information, communications and technology (ICT) in careers policy and practice, and the marketisation of careers. She has recently been appointed as lead consultant working within the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network and is a member of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy working group on ‘Prove It Works’. Deirdre has written a series of UK Country Reports to feed into international symposia and she is an active member of the UK Careers Sector Strategic Group and newly formed Careers Profession Alliance. She is also works on a freelance basis as Director within ‘DMH Associates.

Prof. Dr. Jupei Matsumoto

The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, Japan

Prof. Dr. Spencer G. Niles

Pennsylvania State University, United States

Prof. Dr. Spencer G. Niles is Distinguished Professor and Department Head for Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education at the Pennsylvania State University. He is also Director of the Center for the Study of Career Development and Public Policy at Penn State and serves as Vice-President for Research for Kuder, Inc. (a web-based career planning system). Prior to joining the faculty at Penn State, he served for 13 years on the faculty at the University of Virginia.

Professor Niles is the recipient of the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Eminent Career Award, a NCDA Fellow, an American Counseling Association (ACA) Fellow, ACA’s David Brooks Distinguished Mentor Award, the ACA Extended Research Award, and the University of British Columbia Noted Scholar Award. He served as President for the National Career Development Association and Editor for The Career Development Quarterly. Currently, he is the Editor of the Journal of Counseling & Development and serves on numerous journal editorial boards. He has authored or co-authored approximately 120 publications and delivered over 125 presentations on career development theory and practice. He has lectured in over 15 countries and is an Honorary Member of the Japanese Career Development Association, Honorary Member of the Italian Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance, and a Lifetime Honorary Member of the Ohio Career Development Association.
In January, his 13th book entitled Career Development Interventions in the 21st Century (4th ed.) will be released by Merrill Prentice Hall.

Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Nuissl von Rein

German Institute for Adult Education, Germany

Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Nuissl von Rein studied sociology and pedagogy. He was manager of the Heidelberg Institute for educational research and director of the Adult Education Institute (Volkshochschule) in Hamburg. Since 1991 he has been serving as director of the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) in Bonn. He represented Germany at several national and international conferences. Moreover he has been working as counsellor in national politics. From 1998 up to 2003 he was president of the European Research and Development Institutes of Adult Education (ERDI). From 1998 to 2004 he represented the Leibniz-Association as vice-president. Since 1988 he has been teaching as a professor at the universities of Hannover, Marburg and Duisburg-Essen as well as at the universities of Florence (Italy), Timisoara (Romania) and Torun (Poland). In 2006 he was elected member of the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. Several of his more than 600 publications are available in English and other European languages.

Prof. Dr. Christiane Schiersmann

University of Heidelberg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Christiane Schiersmann is full Professor for Continuing Education and Counselling at the Institute of Educational Science /Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg.

Born in 1980, in Neumünster, Germany, she studied educational science, sociology, German literature and political science at the universities in Kiel and Göttingen. 2003 she passed the state examination for lectureship at grammar schools. 2006 she finished her doctoral thesis at the University of Göttingen. From 2006 to 2015 she worked as assistant professor at the University of Münster in the field of continuing education and there in 2015 Dr. Schiersmann passed her habilitation. From 2015-2019 she served as provisional director of the research institute “Woman and Society” in Hannover. Since 2019 Dr. Schiersmann is full professor for educational science with the focus on adult education and counselling at the University of Heidelberg.

At Dr. Schiermann’s institute they are providing a master program for counselling in the field of training and labour. Since 2017 they also coordinate the ERASMUS “Network for Innovation in Career Guidance & Counselling (NICE). Together with the “Nationales Forum Beratung” the institute runs a project, which aims to define consensual standards for counselling in the field of education, training and labour market, a competence profile for counselors and a general framework for quality development for providers of counseling.

Prof. Dr. Ronald G. Sultana

University of Malta, EMCER, Malta

Prof. Dr. Ronald G. Sultana studied career guidance at the Universities of Reading (UK), Waikato (New Zealand), and Stanford (USA), where he was a Fulbright Fellow. He is professor of sociology and comparative education at the University of Malta, where he directs the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research. He has participated as a consulting expert in several international reviews of career guidance, including those led by the OECD and the European Union. His most recent work includes comparative analyses of career guidance across Europe, and in the Arab states. Professor Sultana is a Fellow of the National Institute for Career Education & Counselling (NICEC-UK), a consulting expert to the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, and has served on the editorial board of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, and the Journal of Education and Work. A list of his publications is available at: Email: [email protected]

Dr. Francoise Vouillot

Cnam-Inetop, France

Prof. Dr. Mark Watson

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

Prof. Dr. Mark Watson is a professor of the Psychology Department of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa. His research focuses on career development and career assessment of primary, secondary and tertiary students from all South African population groups. Mark has published extensively in international journals, is the co-editor of several career books, has contributed book chapters to several international career texts, and is a co-developer of an international qualitative career assessment tool. He is presently on the editorial advisory board of several national and international career journals.

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Weiß

Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Germany